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Updated January 29, 2011
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The Patrol Series

.TitleDescription namefile size
Patrol Activities 1. Patrol Activities 1960patrolact.pdf 326kb
Senior Scout Patrol Names (Part One) 2. Senior Scout Patrol Names (Part One)
1949sspatnames1.pdf 314kb
Senior Scout Patrol Names (Part Two) 3. Senior Scout Patrol Names (Part Two)
1949sspatnames2.pdf 258kb
400 Ideas For Patrol Leaders 4. 400 Ideas For Patrol Leaders 1962.400ideaspatrol.pdf 210kb
The Patrol Goes To Camp 5. The Patrol Goes To Camp 1950.PatrolCamp.pdf 408kb
Knotting For Scouts 6. Knotting For Scouts 1954knotting4scouts.pdf 347kb
More Knotting For Scouts 7. More Knotting For Scouts
1954moreknotting.pdf 296kb
Signalling For The Patrol 8. Signalling For The Patrol
1958signalling.pdf 297kb
Training In Observation 9. Training In Observation
1961.trainingobs.pdf 285kb
Keeping Log Books 10. Keeping Log Books 1953.keepinglog.pdf 365kb
The First Class Journey 11. The First Class Journey 1953.firstclassjourney.pdf 348kb
The Patrol Year 12. The Patrol Year 1953.patrolyear.pdf 228kb
The Scout's Book Of Gilwell 13. The Scout's Book Of Gilwell
1951scoutsgilwell.pdf 230kb
The Scout's Quiz Book 14. The Scout's Quiz Book
1956scoutsquiz.pdf 568kb
More Patrol Activities 15. More Patrol Activities 1961mpatrolact.pdf 644kb
Patrol Corners And Dens 16. Patrol Corners And Dens 1954patrolcornersdens.pdf 757kb
Backwoods Cooking 17. Backwoods Cooking
1953backwoodscook.pdf 364kb
Lightweight Cooking 17. Lightweight Cooking
1961lightweight.pdf 429kb
Uniforms and Badges of the World 18. Uniforms And Badges Of The World
1960uniformsbadges.pdf 415kb
Our Founder 19. Our Founder
1960ourfounder.pdf 291kb
Your Movement 20. Your Movement
1959yourmovement.pdf 762kb
Pioneering For The Patrol 21. Pioneering For The Patrol
1958pioneer4patrol.pdf 499kb
Patrol Meeting Blueprints 22. Patrol Meeting Blueprints 1958.patmeetblueprints.pdf 685kb
The Scout's Cook Book 23. The Scouts' Cook Book
1961scoutscookbook.pdf 280kb
Quiz On The Scout Sportsman Badge 24. Quiz On The Scout Sportsman Badge 1960.quizsportsman.pdf 256kb
Scout Spare Time Activities 25. Scout Spare Time Activities 1962.scoutspare.pdf 771kb