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Updated May 1, 2017
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The Wolf Cub Series

.TitleDescription namefile size
The Cub How-To-Do-It Book 1. The Cub How-to-do-it Book  howtodoit.pdf 1.66 Mb
The Cub Nature Book 2. The Cub Nature Book  nature.pdf 1.76 Mb
Keeping Pets 3. Keeping Pets  keepingpets.pdf 3.09 Mb
Collecting 4. Collecting  collecting.pdf 1.70 Mb
Let's Make Costumes 5. Let's Make Costumes  Missing  
Fun In The Water 6. Fun in the Water  Missing  
Carpentry for Boys 7. Carpentry for Boys  carpentry.pdf 1.41 Mb
Working Models 8. Working Models  workingmodels.pdf 1.34 Mb

The Pack Scouters Series (Boy Scouts of Canada)

.TitleDescription namefile size
Cubbing 1. Cubbing 1967cubbing.pdf 719kb
Pack Operations 2. Pack Operations 1967packoperations.pdf 966kb
Program Building 3. Program Building 1967programbuilding.pdf 885kb
Creative Activities 4. Creative Activities 1967creativeact.pdf 1.2 Mb
Outdoor Activities 5. Outdoor Activities 1967outdooract.pdf 1.5 Mb
Star And Badge Activities 6. Star And Badge Activities 1968starbadge.pdf 1.7 Mb

Other (U.K.) Wolf Cub Books

.TitleDescription namefile size
The Bran Tub 1. The Bran Tub 1952brantub.pdf 1.20 Mb
Artist and Toymaker 2. Artist and Toymaker  Missing  
Artist and Handcraft 2. Artist and Handcraft  Missing  
Cubs Beyond our Shores 3. Cubs Beyond our Shores  Coming Soon  
First Aider Badge 4. First Aider Badge  Coming Soon  
Collector and Homecraft 5. Collector and Homecraft 1953collector&homecraft.pdf 167kb
House Orderly and Gardener 6. House Orderly and Gardener  Missing  
Outdoor Treasure Hunt 7. Outdoor Treasure Hunt 1953treasure.pdf 1.40 Mb
Guide and Observer 8. Guide and Observer  Missing  
Modelling for Cubs 9. Modelling for Cubs  Coming Soon  
Cyclist Badge 10. Cyclist Badge  Missing  
Way To The Stars - First Star 11. Way To The Stars - First Star 1965wayfirststar.pdf 692kb
Way To The Stars - Second Star 12. Way To The Stars - Second Star 1955waysecondstar.pdf 1.09MB
The Cub's Sportsman Badge Book 13. The Cub's Sportsman Badge Book  Missing