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Updated January 10, 2011
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Wolf Cubs

.TitleDescription namefile size
The Jungle Book The Jungle Book The original book by Rudyard Kipling that inspired Cubbing. This book has been updated to contemporary language.junglebook1.pdf 668kb
The 2nd Jungle Book The 2nd Jungle Book The second book by Rudyard Kipling that inspired Cubbing. This book has been updated to contemporary language.junglebook2.pdf 674kb
Kim Kim Rudyard Kipling's Kim. 1901kim.pdf 1.41 Mb
Jungle Laws The Law of the Jungle A compendium of some of the Jungle Laws from Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Books.junglelaw.pdf 72kb
Tenderpad to Second Star Tenderpad to Second Star The 1957 Canadian Wolf Cub Handbook.Tpad2star.pdf 2.5 Mb
Gilcraft's Wolf Cubs Wolf Cubs No. 5 in the Gilcraft series. Written specially to help those who are taking up Cubbing so as to give them an understanding of its general aims, methods and practices. Is, however, of great use to Cubmasters of long standing. Wolf Cubs.pdf 651kb
Jungle Dances Jungle Dances A compilation of Jungle Dances and how to use them in Wolf Cubs.jungledances.pdf 594kb
Woodsmoke Woodsmoke At Twilight A collection of short stories suitable for Cubs and younger Scouts. Inspirational as well as slightly entertaining, they aim to give practical examples in prose of the Scouting Spirit and the qualities of a Scout or Cub as well as application of their Promises in their lives. It is decidedly dated (1955-1965), but nevertheless still usefulwoodsmoke.pdf 490kb
Letters Letters To A Wolf CubNo. 6. in the Gilcraft series. Deals with the Tenderpad, First and Second Star Tests in a manner which is understandable by the Cub himself, and points out the parallels between the Cub tests and the Jungle books. Is a companion volume to WOLF CUBS, and just as useful to the Cubmaster. letters.pdf 1.15 Mb
How To Run A Pack How To Run A PackGilcraft's book regarding everything you need to know to run a Cub Pack.G-RunPack.pdf 1.45 Mb
Cubmaster's First Year Cubmaster's First YearF.E.L. Coomb's book regarding that trying First year in the Pack.Cubmasters First Year.pdf 1.0 Mb
100 Ideas For Pack Meetings 100 Ideas For Pack MeetingsNo. 4 in The Scouter's Books.100ideaspack.pdf 154kb
Wolf Cubs Handbook Wolf Cubs HandbookThe original book on Wolf Cubs, by the Founder.wolfcubshandbook.pdf 1.4 Mb
The Cub Book The Cub Book (abridged)1957 - This book is a shortened form those portions of the "Wolf Cub’s Handbook," which will be found of special interest to the Cubs themselves.cubbookabr.pdf 486kb
Pack Scouters Handbook Pack Scouters HandbookBoy Scouts of Canada's comprehensive 1958 reference book for the Pack Scouter.packscouters.pdf 4.20 Mb
Games For Cubs Games For Cubs 1945 - by A.W.N. Mackenzie.gamesforcubs.pdf 852kb
CubBadgeRecordSheet Wolf Cub Record Sheet Current to today's (SC) Cub program, modelled after the sheet that used to be available. Email any suggestions for corrections or additions to: Mongoose@ChiefScout.infoCubBadgeRecordSheet-r103.pdf 205kb
The Way To The Stars The Way To The Stars The 1963 revised edition of the Cub 2-Star system.waystars.pdf 1.8 Mb
The Boy Scout & Wolf Cub Proficiency Badge Reference Book The Boy Scout & Wolf Cub Proficiency Badge Reference Book A small booklet from BSAC (1940).scoutbadgeref.pdf 509kb
More Concert Items For Scouts And Cubs More Concert Items For Scouts And Cubs For playacting - by H.L. Davies (1932).moreconcert.pdf 444kb
How to Run Wolf Cubs How to Run Wolf Cubs A complete programme of instruction covering all the badges - by John Lewis (1928).howruncubs.pdf 423kb